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Abby Ty's Art 102 Studio B

Art Works
After The Prom
Formal Analysis


According to an article brief from the Saturday Evening Post: Rockwell Tours the Nation website, they discuss Rockwell's art as a showcase for American ideals. It is a reflection of how life could have been during a simpler type of living, strong values, and innocense. Rockwell is considered as one of America's most popular artists because of the realistic drawings of a life that we may want to achieve. 
From a reflection of youth and love to the life of summertime fun, Rockwell expresses the American way of living.


Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) is known as one of America's most loved artists.
He captured what he felt America should be.
Triple Self Portrait shows us his perspective of himself in three simular ways.

Studio B