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Abby Ty's Art 102 Studio B

Formal Analysis

Art Works
After The Prom
Formal Analysis

After the Prom
Norman Rockwell

Subject: Social Function
Subject Matter: Social description
Form: Oil on canvas, (lithograph) 24 inches X 27 inches, now part of someone's personal collection. Highlighs on low value hues with great detail and use of contour lines on figures, expresses innocence and age differences during 1950s. Use of earthly colors contrasted with light value hue.  
Content: After the Prom is a reflection of a couple in a soda shop during the late 1950s. Rockwell believed that the youth of the generation were "all right" and non-troublemakers. In the painting you can see how everyone is reflected as having a good time and enjoying themselves. The older man and soda jerk seem to be happy that the young couple choose to spend their time at the soda shop instead of being mischievous. Progressive Art describes the scenery as an All-American experience because of the menu offered at the soda shop, for example shakes and cheeseburgars. The white prom dress, and white overcoat suggest the young couple as innocent. The older man appears to be interested in hearing about the dance from the couple as much as the soda jerk based on the psychic lines directing the attention to the couple. The direction they all look is at the young girl giving her an angelic appearance with the low value hues and an image of true innocence after the prom!

Studio B